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Frost and Kretsch Plumbing, The business Frost and Kretsch Plumbingis really a leader in both commercial and residential plumbing company in Southeast Michigan. Their specializes consists of the upkeep of plumbing systems, fixing of water main breaks, replacing heater for warm water (Lochinvar and Bradford White), installing new sump pumps (Zoeller and Liberty Pumps) and cleaning of drains. Emergency services are given to all areas. The corporation promises a total satisfaction of the company's customers.

Supply Plumbing

Within residential plumbing companies, the organization provides repair and installation of sump pumps and sewage ejection pumps, sewer camera inspection, cleaning of sewers and drain systems, repair and installation water heaters, installation and repair off water and sewer connections, quality installing of new toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks and faucets. Among its complimentary activities, the corporation takes responsibility with the installation, repair or replacing garbage disposals and also the repair or elimination of frozen pipes. The technicians inform the consumer about expectable costs.

Sewer and Drain System Maintenance or Repair

The Organization offers repairing and cleaning of various sizes of drain and sewer. Mostly the pros are asked for taking care of main sewage lines connecting kitchen sink and bathrooms. Apart from bathroom and shower lines, in addition they undertake defective trench line, garbage disposals and slow-moving drains. By using a high-capacity water jetter, the technicians have the ability to remove debris from sewers and drains causing clogs. Most frequent contractors from the company are condominiums, building retailers and manufacturers, property management companies, automotive retailers, hospitality providers (like hotels and restaurants), sport complexes and small retail shops.


Plumbing excavations may be necessary in case there is a cracked, damaged or collapsed sewer pipe. Residential excavation services include setting up brand new home utility lines (water, gas and sewage), the repair and maintenance of existing home sewer and water lines, setting up French drainage as well as the ditch digging for utility, septic systems and storm sewer drains.


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